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The Clean Liquor Co creates thrilling alternatives to your favourite alcoholic spirits. The Clean Liquor range of 1.2% spirits are distilled just like traditional gin and rum, but with over 30 times less alcohol. Perfect for when you feel like a spirit & mixer, but also fancy Drinking Clean.

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The development of The Clean Liquor Co. has been a long and personal journey. CleanGin - our first product, represents everything we stand for, a complex and beautifully produced liquid in a stunning bottle that will stand the test of time as a classic drink. Why Clean? I felt that describing what we offer as “Clean” was a more positive approach than the often negative connotation surrounding No & Low alcohol. It makes for an easier bar call and more sense for people like me who drink less, or not at all as part of a cleaner lifestyle. We strive to create the most authentic products in this exciting new category and will continue to experiment across other key spirits and more. - Spencer Matthews, Founder & CEO


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