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STRYYK is for a new generation of mindful hedonists – partygoers who love to go big and still get up and go the next morning. Launching with three new creations – Not Vodka, Not Gin and Not Rum – we’re here to power your night without burning you out.

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STRYYK NOT GIN is a distillation that includes hints of delicate herbs (Coriander, Sage and Basil) and the classic juniper notes that mark this as a derivation of a London Dry Gin STRYYK NOT RUM is a distillation that blends the sweet sugar cane and raisin notes with the characteristic vanilla and oakwood tones that help to create a perfectly balanced spiced rum zero proof spirit STRYYK NOT VODKA is a distillation that combines the warming spice of capsicum and the cooling notes of cucumber and menthol, to emulate the characteristics of a classic pure vodka.


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