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Senser offers a range of Alcohol-free Plant Spirits® with botanically active ingredients.

Combining the wisdom of ancient traditions and the best of modern science Senser capture the true 'spirit' of the plants preserving the subtle, mood-enhancing effects.

A range of three consisting of Power, Love and Joy crafted using a combination of extraction processes to get the most out of the plants naturally.

EFFECTS: Sage brings calm grounded presence, gotu kola & Siberian ginseng cause a rousing empowerment of the body’s systems as you get centred and on your game.
TASTING NOTES: A sophisticated blend crafted with orange, spiced cacao and vanilla, finishing with a complex herbal smoked orange bitter..

EFFECTS: Tulsi, ashwaghanda, hibiscus & passionflower produce a state of relaxed serenity, facilitating harmony and ease as you wind as you release tension, open the heart and open to the dance.
TASTING NOTES: Sensual florals, rose & bergamot woven with spiced aronia, luscious lime flower, cardamom & hawthorn, with a long bittersweet spiced berry finish.

EFFECTS: This joy bringer blend includes schisandra & gingko to clear the mind & energise the body, while damiana & nutmeg raise the spirit as you celebrate life & party into the night.
TASTING NOTES: Fresh citrus tones, elderflower & lavender heights, then sweet quince, exuberant schizandra berry and a stimulating balanced length of salty sour acidity.

They’re designed to be enjoyed neat, over ice, with a mixer, or in a cocktail. Senser's Plant Spirits are about what’s in the bottle and ultimately about what's in you.

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Using specially crafted blends of mother nature’s super-plants, Senser's ‘Plant Spirits’ are the conscious choice for new healthy drinking experiences. Designed to be used like alcoholic spirits (great neat & mixed), they’re made through herbalist craft so as to preserve the plants’ compounds and minerals, giving the Spirits (Power, Love & Joy) their subtle, mood-enhancing effects.


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