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Launched in May 2018, PUNCHY are an independent start up who make alcohol and non-alcoholic punch, and believe that whether you're drinking or not, you shouldn't have to miss out. They have made it their mission to bring back punch better than ever, give both drinkers and non-drinkers a choice, and promote inclusivity and moderation in the process. They have 2 flavours: Peach & Ginger Spiced Rum Punch, and Pink Grapefruit & Lime Tequila Punch, with more in development. Both are available with or without alcohol in 30L key kegs or 275ml bottles. All the products are natural, low in sugar, low calorie, vegan and gluten free - so can be enjoyed by all. They have just launched on Ocado, and their most notable listings include Selfridges, Fortum & Mason, Farmdrop, Amazon, The Three Cheers Pub Co, and Hippo Inns.

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PUNCHY believe in a more balanced and mindful approach to drinking, which is why we're donating 10% of our merchandise sales to the mental health charity, Mind. Thank you for helping us support this cause.


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